Shiseido Beauty: The Future of Beauty

Beauty is a timeless human quest. And in today’s voracious social media culture, the rites and rituals around it have become a huge part of how we live our lives. With the onslaught of influencers and indie products, how does a legacy brand stand out? This was the challenge facing Shiseido beauty – a timeless and time-honored company that has been crafting prestige beauty regimens for decades. Shiseido wanted to better understand the opportunity that existed within the rising tide of KBeauty allure, and to determine how to connect with a millennial audience seeking an authentic provider in a land of bubble gum marketing. Shine Scout took the brand on an in-depth tour into The Future of Beauty, with first person testimonials, broad panels from global influencers, and deep and broad fashion and beauty intel. This process was followed by a whole day creation incubation session, where whole new experiential programs and plans were developed. This has led to a successful brand relaunch and paved the way for new products – and new messaging – to come.

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