We are cultural cartographers, crafting the vision and building the strategies for brands and companies seeking a path to what’s next. Our maps are made from an alchemy of the heart beats, emotions, technology and data points shaping culture and creating the future.

We see tomorrow today.

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“Her ultimate goal is to ensure that the biggest leaps happen”

– Mary Rice, President, Ace Hardware and Paint

Lynn Casey is the founder and steward of Shine Scout. A passionate cultural cartographer, she believes that macro trends and global behavioral shifts are driven by the engine of human emotion. With decades of experience tracking subcultures and exploring the human condition, she is a sought after consultant, speaker and writer for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike.

“She connects the dots before others even know they are there”

– Niki Simoneaux Sr.VP, Twinlab

High touch, immersive labs utilizing cutting edge creators, powerful empathy building exercises and provocative three dimensional trend insights, designed to build and cultivate intuitive teams for the future.
360 degree, multimedia experiences that trigger sensory intelligence and breathe new light into cutting edge insights, illuminating the very core of key target audience behaviors, emerging cohorts, and nascent trends.
Consumer insights casted, crafted and documented in a uniquely personal and deeply humanistic way. We use proprietary practices to unpack the real drivers behind the desires shaping behaviors now and for the future.

Deeply curated immersion trips that embed key team members into the real life day to day of the people and places forming all the nuances of culture that shapes life today. From small town America to the emerging underbellies of next gen cities, we craft intensely personal and empathy building missions that change the trajectory of teams, leaders and companies via front row seats to the shared human experience.

Intensely researched and highly visual talks and white papers that showcase the key macro shifts and behavioral desires mapping to the future.
Rich and visual ‘cheat sheets’ that rapidly and telegraphically reveal the hidden cultural fingerprints and unique nuances of the micro-ethnographies shaping key global cohorts, personas, and total target segments today and in the future
One to three-day bespoke excursions providing exclusive access and VIP entry into the places and the people driving change; be it in design, the arts, businesses, food scenes, or the fashion showcasing tomorrow today.
Multimedia sessions that combine future scouting and spoken story shared through the expansive imagination of Global Futurist and Culture Trendcaster, Lynn Casey. These highly sought after thought changing sessions emphasize key shifts in human values, and bring hard data to life through emotion, language and example that inspire and activate audiences from Coca-Cola to Instagram. Teams leave these talks equipped and excited to take on the future today.

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