This is the ShineScout Weekly Roundup. A collection of shiny bits we are watching in the world of marketing: the bright, the broken, and the wtf?

Huggies Turns to Pandora to Encourage Baby-Making for Valentine’s Day

Hmmmm – undoubtedly created for the social buzz, Huggies’ Pandora promotion does provoke some thoughts: is there a bigger, social opportunity for Huggies and for other baby-oriented brands? Millennials we have spoken to about this doubt their ability to meld child raising with living a life of experience and choice. Maybe the the next step is starting a bigger conversation on parenting and work balance, and helping make a change. How about it, Enfamil, Gerbers, and J&J?

And more on kids:

How to Find a Best Friend

Fascinating look on the growing concern that technology is inhibiting kids ability to connect and make friends. A number of studies have shown increased screen time degrades kids abilities to read emotions, and additionally, the increasing role of solitary tech time means less interaction…look to tech brands to create interactive communal project play for multiple player groups!

We are CRAZY for the new app: storehouse – imagine merging your instagram, pinterest, videos and texts to tell stories about your real life adventures!!  This one is awesome for road trips, hooky days and magic moments. We heart! (and no doubt, brands will be all over this one as they look to generate bigger broader stories around their brands and their users.)

Moda Operandi Raises $60M to Bring High-End Clothiers to Digital Shoppers

A smart play by moda-operandi – moving luxury from the exclusive geo-markets to a broader playing field. High earners are more likely than any other income group to buy via mobile, so creating  ‘buy on the fly’ options for luxe goods is rigbht ( pardon the pun!) on the money. Yup, this could be a game changer!

The bespoke drink: 365 Tokyo, Las Vegas

And finally –  the ultimate play in the customize-for-me game.

Cant wait until those cube trays go on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond….

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