September 5, 2019
September 5, 2019


Time Passages…

Whether it’s the sweet sorrow of Labor Day, or the Doomsday clock of Global warming time’s swift passage is on our minds… to that, we share a tale of two cities contemplating time and opening us up to understanding how fleeting our experiences on this little planet may well be:

First up, in Utrecht, Netherlands, where a poem to the future is intended as a form of social sculpture, with a new verse laid down every Saturday. Intended to roll on to the 23rd century, this sort of walking meditation inspires thoughts of legacy and community.

Our second story finds us in Panjim, Goa. Pseudonymous Indian street artist Daku has created an immersive text-based walkway, using a fishnet structure to suspend letters above pedestrians. Entitled “The Theory of Time”, this piece encourages passers-by to contemplate their steps, and to think about how illusive the concept of time really is…


Beauty and the Beast

Ever notice how the bad guys ALWAYS have more fun?? Well Funko has. The erstwhile licensee of all things plush and pop-culture is expanding into makeup. For their grand beauty debut, Funko is launching a makeup line inspired by Disney Villainesses. Now we all can channel our inner Ursula with eye shadows, lip sticks and brush sets. You know what they say…bad girls go everywhere.


Beyond Borders

Once upon a time, passport photos were a rich and varied canvas upon which global travelers shared stories of themselves. Today – well – not so much!! For those of you who have recently had such a photo taken – you are familiar with the grim gulag type admonishments of the sanctioned photo takers. Photographer Max Siednetopf, best known for large scale, tongue-in-cheek installations, has taken aim at this dispiriting practice, with an exhibit based on imagining what actually might be happening during some of these seemingly deadpan photo sessions. For those jaded road warriors among us, it’s time to crack a smile.


Swimmer’s Ear
Headphones make everything sound better, and over the years, there has been a stylish arms race as brand after brand has vied at being the ‘cool kid’ of these personal sound systems. But has anyone changed the technology? Enter Inmergo Headphones – a breakthrough design that uses the conductive power of water to disseminate clear sound. Gorgeous and shockingly effective, these have us craving the sounds of the sea…
Are squids the superior chameleon? The folks at Vollebak might just convince you. This experimental clothing brand has created a color-shifting jacket, which uses embedded black glass spheres to emulate the camouflage qualities of a squid. Meant for use in highly volatile conditions, the shape shifting composite of this way cool jacket translate to a unique experience for every user. Color us green with envy.

Must See

Porn for Good?

How do you make an impact about plastic? How about a PSA on one of the most trafficked sites on the internet? No – not Facebook – try Pornhub. The good people of PH have produced a short video entitled “ The Dirtiest Porn Ever “ which uses their craft to promote clean oceans. A clever play from a concerned global citizen…


Press P for Party

Once upon a time, sleepovers meant bedraggled sleeping bags, pizza delivery and a ghost story or two. Today, there’s a company for that. Over the weekend, the New York Times shared a trend that makes the old pillow game seemed quite passé. As celebrity culture continues to raise the bar for us all, today’s tots (and their parents) are looking for instagrammable events that keep them in the game. Could someone pass the Grey Poupon?


Flavor me Woke

Ben & Jerry have long been known for their counter-culture initiatives. The company pioneered the pursuit of business with a double bottom line—profits and people—that they called the “double dip.” Best known for its funky-named flavors like Cherry Garcia, Whirled Peace, and Wavy Gravy, its latest launch features a double scoop of activism a la mode. It’s called Justice ReMix’d, a cinnamon and chocolate ice cream with chunks of cinnamon bun dough, spicy fudge brownies, that pairs the company’s activism and ice cream know-how with the work of the Advancement Project National Office, a national, multi-racial civil rights organization. Now that’s a lovin’ spoonful!


Finding magic in the mundane…artist Micah Adams delights in releasing miniature forests, tiny people and other design elements from their locked cages of coinage. We find delight in his intricate artwork, unpacking the hidden lives of the creatures that live trapped in our money. Follow and enjoy!

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