September 12, 2019
September 12, 2019


Universe of Words

If there are indeed gates to heaven we are pretty sure they look like this! Tokyo-based French architect Emmanuelle Moureax recently hung 140,000 pieces of paper to create rainbow passageways as part of a commercial celebration. This gorgeous installation, titled “Universe of Words” was inspired by the tradition of writing wishes on paper and hanging them from bamboo branches. The artist shared that his hope was to evoke “an emotion through its stillness and endlessness.” We die.


There’s Always Room for Jello!

Jello – what’s not to like? Brightly colored, wriggly, and great as a base for Spring Break shots, no? But Jello has always held (no pun intended) mixed messages for women. Marketed as a diet aid, and later, as a means to showcase their culinary wizardry, Jello has been a tough taskmaster, despite its other-worldly hues. Not surprisingly that packaged powder has become a statement medium for both queer and feminist artists. From statements about domesticity and animal cruelty, to questions about the recent ‘wellness’ movement – art shows featuring Jello are springing up around the world. Take a look, and maybe – be inspired!


King Princess Cheap Queen
No hype here – just raw, real, gorgeous talent. King Princess seamlessly captures all the jaded sensibilities of Gen Z, wrapped in young adult angst. Smart and layered, we are loving her new album: Cheap Queen. You want to know Gen Z? Take a listen!


I Love You to Death
Who – and what do you love? As the world begins to ponder consumerism culture, what – and who – we hold dear will no doubt become a topic for artists and thinkers around the world. One such artist asks his subject to risk life and limb to capture their nearest and dearest in a heart stopping photography session. Previously known for vacuum-sealing couples in plastic bags to illustrate claustrophobic love, Japanese artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi is now including their homes in his work. Racing against the clock to keep his subjects alive, Kawaguchi asks us to really think about those things that we value.


Send with Style

If the internet is all about connecting us to our specific tribes, emojis might be the way for us to communicate to them in a specific voice. Design junkies – unite! American design retailer Death by Modernism has created an emoji set so that mid-century-design fans can send small pictures of works by their heroes like Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen and Hans J Wegner. To quote DM’s founder, Raj Haldar “if you can’t convey to your friend in a single image that it’s your wish to go home and sit in an Eames Lounge Chair, then what is all this technology even for?”


A Venn Diagram of Young Summer, 2019

In a youth culture increasingly willing to laugh at itself, self-deprecating memes and shares about La Croix older, cooler sister: White Claw, are owning the snap and ‘gram feeds of the 30 and under set. The NY Times takes a look at the drink that owned summer. Take a read and learn the rules about the new ‘white space’ marketing.

Big Trend

No Sweat

First it was Champion, and now Nike is leaping into the e-game sponsorship leagues with its new League-of-Legend sponsorship, complete with pro-league jerseys. Intent on staying visible, and embedded in the new attention culture, expect to see gamer kits as the new white-hot holy grail for the workout-wear tribes.

Little Trend

Street Groms…

Calling all the cool kids, BAPE is coming for you! Right on the heels of its wildly successful BAPE HEADS mashup with Wiz Khalifa, the Japanese street label is now teasing what looks to be a collaboration with none other than the OG urban street gang: Sesame Street. No details yet, but stay tuned for what’s sure to be an epic collection!


Ma’agalim – Jane Bordeaux

Sometimes, we need to take our hands off the wheel and remember how swift this ride we call life really is…. Watch this sweet and deep little animated video, and remember to love this moment you are in.



In honor of NYFW, we present one of the rising starts of fashion: Femail. Chosen by Teen Vogue as one of their designates for their just launched exclusive fashion mentorship program, this dynamic duo speaks to fun, sustainability, and the joys of embracing it all.

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