August 15, 2019
August 15, 2019


Say What?
Have you ever wished you could speak multiple languages? Seamlessly switch from one tongue to the next? For me, that would be the ultimate superpower! Well, hold the phone – that power is available now! Microsoft executive Julia White recently took to the stage to demonstrate how it’s now possible to not only create an incredibly life-like hologram of a person, but to then make the hologram speak another language in the person’s own voice. This demo was possible thanks to a combination of two existing technologies — mixed reality and neural text-to-speech — and it foreshadows a future in which tech greatly diminishes existing barriers in human communication. Imagine what boundaries we can cross when we can all truly hear each other??



Get out the Vote! Galvanizing everyone to vote is more critical than ever – but how do we convince groups that feel marginalized to use that power? Connecting and inspiring distinct cultural communities requires deep understanding and an embedded outreach. One such group driving this type of community influence is Poder Quince/Quince Power, which harnesses the deep traditions of the quniceaneras as a means of civic awareness and action. This organization empowers teenage girls celebrating these special occasions to encourage their guests to learn about key issues and to register to vote. These initiatives are supported by Poder Quince with free photo booths, a Snapchat filter geotag, and more. We need more of these smart initiatives in the run up to 2020!


Purple Reign
Ever wonder where the ‘color of the year’ comes from? And why we see colors crop up in waves? (Oh, hey Millennial Pink – we see you!) Read on to learn about the fascinating process of art, alchemy and science that the Pantone peeps use to shape the color selections of designers, corporations, and ultimately – us!


Hot Wheels
Car buying – YUP – instant headache – right? Well not for the 1%ers!! A recent article in the NY Times shares the outrageous success of one enterprising car salesman who is using Instagram to speed his hot wheels out of the showroom. Focused on ultra swagger wagons for the incredibly wealthy, his insta-photos have found him moguls, rappers and trust fund titans lusting after the exclusive. This is online shopping at a whole new level!


Women who Witch

We have been writing quite a bit about the return to the ancient practices of astrology, Ayurveda, and other forms of spirituality. All of us, and in particular women, seem hungry for a larger, more mystical purpose to the lives we are living today. Recently, archaeologists have uncovered an amazing treasure trove of sorcery objects in a newly cleared home amongst the ruins of Pompei. Thought to be tools used for seduction and fertility, these pieces speak to all of us who long to channel the fates in the direction of our favor. Fascinating!!


Upcycle Style

We are loving the upcycled, cool creative work of Rafael Kouto – an emerging young Swiss designer who marries his African heritage and culture with strong elements of sports and futurism. Founded in 2017, his work is bold, layered and IOHO represents the cutting edge of where fashion is going. In his words, “It represents an alternative to the current production in fashion as a new luxury paradigm with the aim is to encourage recycling, upcycling, in the production of fashion.”


Suck it!

And in more upcycling news, luxury brand Dior is jumping into the the sustainability pool this summer with a brand new offering: gorgeous designer reusable straws. Yup, now you can swizzle your drizzle with a hand-blown glass straw painted in metallic gold. The French fashion house is selling these beauties for about $146 for a box of six. Tres chic!



We are finding great joy and delight in the work of cj Hendry – an Australian born hyperrealist artist. The Australian-born talent has a knack for art that is experience-driven, including an exhibit this past Spring in Dumbo that featured a psychiatric hospital comprised of white ‘bounce-house’ styled walls. While known for her talent in making “hyper-real” art she has recently switched to color and abstract pieces. Orange-you glad??

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