December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019

Old Lang Syne

2020 – a bold, fresh new decade. A time for massive resolutions, ground-breaking ideas, and earth shattering new looks. A time to reach for the stars. Sartorially, it seems we are right on course! Vetements latest collab will have you milling about the Milky Way in no time. Their latest mash up beams up the latest in literal high design – a Star Wars themed collection! Expect these babies to fly off the shelves.

Away in the Manger

Somber, strategic, and somehow still spiritual – the classic Nativity scene has been transformed by one LA church into a stark statement about the acts of family separations still happening at the US border. During a time of family connection and celebration, this visual story seems even more profound. The church’s statement asks everyone to consider how Jesus would be welcomed on our shores today. The staging should inspire deep inquiry into what the word ‘sanctuary’ really means.

Santa, Baby!

What happens when an ex-employee is ready to share his stash? If you were a Swoosh based stylista, that means Sample Sale! In a rare move, a former Nike Innovation Kitchen creator of 30 years (!) is parting ways with one of a kind creations from the Nike lab through a partnership with famed sneaker collector, Shoezeum. Expect fierce bidding this week on concept shoes that here-to-fore have not seen the light of day. Droolworthy!

Sew Re Mi

Sometimes, the most seemingly traditional act can be subversive. Just ask Shannon Downey – better known by her Instagram handle @badasscrossstitch. Downey has reached a level of twitter-type fame through her brilliant works of revolutionary embroidery. Within her hoops, the elegant and grandmotherly act of cursive craft become rallying cries, and somehow shout even louder due to their sheer pattern interrupt. She finds unfinished pieces in estate sales and flea markets across the Midwest, and – once adopted, takes them on a twisted trip to completion. Her latest project, however, showed a quiet level of patriotism as well as a testament to the timeless act that circles of women have performed in so many places and spaces to get things done. It is a beautiful story of connection and reverence – and a reminder that small acts can accomplish great things.

Little Drummer Boy

A bit more female craftiness!! Stories of struggle and finding our own gifts along the way are always welcome, particularly during the holidays, when many of us struggle to keep up with the hue and cry of celebration and overwhelm. The Bird & the Whale is a special gift indeed for those of us hungry for some gently crafted beauty and joy. This animated short film is created from an old-fashioned technique called paint-on-glass to form each glowingly luminescent frame. Only 7 minutes long, it is comprised of 4300 paintings created by a small team of all female artists in Dublin, Ireland. Watch, and feel your heart leap.

Let it Snow

(And you MUST go!). The future of art undoubtedly seems to be multi-sensory and immersive. Our seemingly insatiable hunger to dive deep into feeling and full body engagement shows no signs of abating. And why not, perhaps the act of plummeting into an alternative reality is the only way to stop the noise of life today, with all of its screeching and wails of honest pain. Well, if the latest work by Jonsi, the Icelandic front man of Sigur Rosé, is a portend, we all should be plunging in, head over heels. Comprised of three installations, each piece is an altering of sound, scent and visual pieces. Unnerving, poetic and haunting, the pieces propel the participant (because you are not just viewing this work – you are experiencing it) into an otherworldly state of mind and body. The show is up until January 9th – run – and see the future.

Elf on the Shelf?

Wait – what?? We believe this possibly portends the end of the world or quixotically a glimpse at some far, far better future. The youth in our country has cast their ballot and the winner is clear: Vote for Yoda! Hey – that’s a candidate for 2020 I think we all can get behind!

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree…

In one more story of head slapping wackiness, we bring you tidings of great cheer: Post Malone’s eponymous Croc line is killing the game this holiday season! Make fun of them all you want, but the latest collab between the erstwhile ugly shoemaker and quirky rocker sold out in less than two hours this week. In anticipation of the release date, Post Malone held an exclusive pre-drop event at a Texas branch of the fast food chain, Chicken Express, where he worked his first and only job before becoming a globally recognized performer. (And no tears!! Malone and Crocs promise more mash-ups to come! )

It’s a Wonderful Life

Magician hotelier Thierry Tysser, the deeply experienced nomad behind Maisons des Reves, has a new concept for the elite traveler. His latest concept is called 700,000 heures – a rough estimate of the amount of time we all have in this life. Billed as the ‘first wandering hotel’ this concept provides the lucky few who have the time and the money with immersive and fleeing stays in some of the world’s most remote and beautiful locations. Along with great photos for the ‘gram, 700,000 Heures promises to deliver the real raison d’etre of travel: transformation, reflection and the rediscovery of wonder. We may not all be able to partake, but certainly, we can pause and reclaim our own sense of awe and wonder at life’s brief shiny moments. Sounds like a wonderful resolution for the bright new decade glimmering around the corner!



All the gorgeous bright colors and sunny delights to lighten the load during hectic holiday times. Enjoy!

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