At Shine Scout™, we offer a unique and varied tool kit of consumer research protocols that drive innovation and messaging. We believe that it is the authentic human voice, and real human stories that create products and companies that are loved and that last.

While we like to create custom journeys for our clients, some examples of these mind maps and innovation processes are as follows:

Innovation Workshops: Immersion sessions, either off-site or on, that audit, analyze, inspire and shift the behavior of organizations, making room for significant change and quantum leaps of innovation.

Trend Reports: Quarterly and Annual reports providing insight and analysis into the world of fashion, music, politics, technology, design, food, and more that reflect deeper movements of consumer thought. View Report

Flash Reports: Weekly bite sized updates on the above

ShineScout™ Panels: access to our proprietary panels of consumers reporting from the front lines of life. View our Shinescouts

Discovery Protocols

  • Ethnographic Field Work
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Shopalongs
  • Friendship Groups
  • Key Influencer Steering Committees
  • Social Media Mining
  • Brand Ambassadors


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