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We are Shine Scout

We are a strategic insights consultancy decoding the global trends, market shifts and current culture to position brands – and their leaders- for the future.

We see tomorrow, today.


“She connects the dots before others even know they are there.”

-Niki Simoneaux, Twinlab

We constantly monitor the signals of change that will impact how consumers think, feel and behave. We tap into the trend makers, the innovators, the artists, the technologists, the shape shifters that illuminate our future. We seek out the heart beats that drive the data points, helping brands find their authentic place in the future.

We are fueled by curiosity and colored by empathy.



and intelligence

Events, Experiences
and Workshops

Insights and Intelligence

We use rigorous research and compelling storytelling to create accurate and activating customer journeys for our clients. We mine current culture, and global phenomena to paint the broadest and richest reports for companies shaping the future. From culture mapping, to persona creation, our work has sparked business innovation around the globe.

Recent Work

Global Segmentation

Understanding the New Family

Company Repositioning

Understanding the New Family

“Her ultimate goal is to ensure that the biggest leaps happen”

– Mary Rice, President, Ace Hardware and Paint

Insights Immersion Events

We provide 360 degree insight workshops that being a full immersion experience to companies and teams.  From deep dives into Gen Z, to understanding macro trends, we curate and create pivotal moments through video, set building, consumer panels, and cultural playlists that shift understanding and drive innovation.

Some Examples

Mattel:  The Future of Family
Shiseido:  The Future of Beauty
Dannon:  The New Millennial Household

“She unlocks all the doors and empowers you with tools, verbiage and more!”

– Johanna Stein, Global Director – Consumer Insights, Mattel

Cultural Spelunking Tours

The human experience is a dish best served warm.  We curate and guide teams into the depths of the places and spaces where life shifts are happening.  From embeds in small town America, to high level trend tours in Silverlake, Los Angeles, or Berlin, German this work gives leaders a front row seat to the future.

Some Examples

Facebook: The Future of Community
Activision:  The Future of Gaming

“An extraordinary consultant”

– Tracey Castle, Activision

Thought leadership

Lynn Casey, Shine Scout’s CEO and Founder is a frequent and in demand speaker on The Future Consumer. She has keynoted events as diverse as The Future Trends Conference, Audfest, PFSK and Danone’s Global Summit. She has guested alongside Arianne Huffington, Jane Buckingham and Tom LaForge. Lynn is a sought after thought leader for corporate summits, retreats, and leadership events. She publishes a weekly newsletter highlighting key shifts and white hot trends.

Some Examples

Mattel:  The Future of Family
Shiseido:  The Future of Beauty
Dannon:  The New Millennial Household

“Her passion and intelligence shine through every project”

– Joan Dambros SVP, New Business Development , Warner Bros

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